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PLAYLIST REVIEW: I Met You When I Was 18 - Lauv

I recently discovered a new artist, Lauv. I first heard his music while watching Gabriel Conte's travel diary/music video featuring his wife Jess Conte titled "I Like Me Better With You // New York 2017." 
Without any further ado, here is my  track-by-track review of Lauv's playlist : I Met You When I Was 18.
I Like Me Better - The first track is a fast-paced song with an upbeat tempo. Mainly composed of electric guitars, drums, and a bit of piano, it's a great opening song for the playlist. In an interview, Lauv explains that the song was inspired by a relationship he had two months after moving to New York City. 
Paris in the Rain - The second track of the playlist is a ballad which gives off the vibe of an opening scene in a movie. It evokes an image of a panoramic view of a setting which introduces the main character and their story.
Comfortable- The third track tells a story about fighting for love, for someone to stay in your life because they mean the worl…

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